Whorehouse of Representatives - Discography LP/CD (UYR-8)

This is a definitive collection of everything this Seattle anarcho punk band ever released plus two unreleased bonus songs. The LP is a double 12" gatefold release and the first 250 are on clear vinyl! The CD includes a 12 page booklet.

Samples - None available

Skarp - Self Titled 7" (UYR-7)

The long awaited 7" is finally unleashed. Raging Crust/HC/Grind/Ska/Metal with deep female vocals. Three mind blowing tracks. Skarp have become legends in Seattle and soon the world!

Samples - Real Audio Sample | MP3 Sample

Decrepit/Phalanx - Split 7" (UYR-6)

Out of Print - More Crust/HC from Seattle. Seattle's most legendary brutal HC/Crust bands. Three unreleased songs from Decrepit's 1st recording and four new songs from Phalanx. Includes poster and stickers. A Classic!

Samples - Decrepit: Real Audio / MP3 | Phalanx: Real Audio / MP3

Decrepit/Scathed - Split 7" (UYR-5)

Out of Print - Two more mind blowing crust bands out of Seattle. Nothing needs to be said about Decrepit! Scathed combine Crust/HC.Metal with gutteral female vocals. Comes with 2 stickers.

Samples - Decrepit: Real Audio | Scathed: Real Audio

Inhumane/Whipped - Split 7" (SAB001/UYR-4)

Recently discovered a box full of this legendary 7". 3 songs by Seattle's most drunken crusties, Inhumane. 3 more by the male/female hardcore trio from Seattle, Whipped. If you've never heard this, you had better! Includes 2 posters.

Samples - Whipped: Real Audio | MP3   Inhumane: Real Audio | MP3

Cease and Desist/No Cl@ss - Split 7" (UYR-3)

Out of Print - Two insanely brutal bands from Seattle. No cl@ss - dual female/male vocal, crust as fuck. Cease and Desist - blazing dual vocal hardcore. This package includes 2 posters, stickers, and much more! A must have!

Samples - No Class: Real Audio / MP3 | Cease and Desist: Real Audio

Toxic Narcotic/Whorehouse of Representatives - Split 7" (UYR-2)

Out of Print - Classic East Coast vs West Coast. Boston's infamous drunk "Chaos Punks" meets Seattle's drunken "Peace Punks", trying to break down the labels and stereotypes.

Samples - Toxic Narcotic: Real Audio

Whorehouse of Representatives - "It's a Corporate World After All" 7" (UYR-1)

Out of Print - Their first 7". More raw fast hardcore! A classic that needs no introduction. Includes Poster and stickers.

Samples - None Available

Whorehouse of Representatives - "Who's Screwing Who?" Demo Cassette

Out of Print - The first release by one of Seattle's most brutal hardcore bands ever. Six songs recorded in 1993. No collection is complete without this one.

Samples - None Available

Rüsh Limbaügh - The Way Things Really Ought to Be - 4-band Split Double 7" (UYR-1/4)

Out of Print - Chicken, Meatminder, Whipped and Sourpuss will all blow your mind on theis release of some of Seattle's most legenday and brutal hardcore. Our first release compliled with Carving Knife, Whipped and Post Human Records.

Samples - None Available