11/05/2022 - We still have some copies of the Whorehouse of Representatives Discography 2xLP/CD, and Whipped/Inhumane split 7", see the order or releases pages to buy. I also updated the links page, clearing out some old dead links. Cheers!

10/21/2010 - Not much new to report here. I have no plans to release anything new at the moment. I still have about 50 copies of both the Whorehouse of Representatives Discography LP (out of clear vinyl, sorry) and CD. I have about 20 Skarp 7"s left. I also have 10+ copies of the Inhuman/Whipped Split.

In other news, check out my new band called ix at http://www.myspace.com/ixpunkband. We've recently started playing some shows around Seattle. No plans to record or travel yet.

4/26/06 - The Whorehouse Discography LPs are going quick and I am down to only a few of the clear vinyl, so get them soon as they wont be repressed! Go to the order page to get more info.

Whorehouse of Representatives has also taken great leaps to become even more nerdy than ever by setting up a myspace account, so check it out and friend them...I dare you fucking nerds!


3/27/06 - The LP is finished now as well and turned out much better than I even imagined. The info for ordering can be had on the order page.

I will not be doing any trading because I am no longer doing distro, but contact me about wholesale prices!

3/2/06 - The CD is finally finished, in hand and available to order. The LP should be shipped next week and available for order within 2 weeks. The prices are set for the US, but I need to get an idea of what it's going to cost to ship these out of the US before I can post the prices. If you'd like one sent out of the US, contact me and I'll send you a quote via surface mail and air.

2/14/06 - The Whorehouse Discography LP and CD artwork is finished and both are at the presses. They should be in my hands at the beginning of March.

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