Ün-Yelliman Records is Dedicated to bringing you the most brutal political punk music we can get our filthy hands on! No emo, racist, sexist, homophobic, poppy crap here folks. We're saving that stuff for the corporate, "Profit off punk" labels where it belongs! D.I.Y.!!! We have never made any money doing any of this (infact we've lost quite a bit) nor do we care to. We are based in Seattle, WA. U$A and have been around since 1995.

Available Now!

After years in the works, the Whorehouse of Representative Discography LP/CD is finally a reality. This is a definitive collection of everything this Seattle anarcho punk band ever released, plus two unreleased bonus songs. The LP is a double 12" gatefold release and the first 250 are on limited clear vinyl! The CD includes a 12 page booklet. Fore more info and pricing, go to the "Order" page.


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